Travel Insurance: There are No Excuses

Taking out travel insurance really is a small price to pay for peace of mind.  If you are going on a short trip such as a business event or a romantic weekend away, it is tempting to take the risk and not buy travel insurance. The chances of things going seriously wrong are miniscule. However, the risk is still there. Why do you put on a seatbelt when driving or being a passenger in a car? Again, the chances of being in an accident are tiny. But the risk is still there. Plus, society demands it as it is the right thing to do and it doesn’t take much effort.

Yes, taking out insurance is a bit of a drag but these days it is quickly sorted as most companies offer an online application process. All is done in a matter of minutes. In fact, insurance has never been easier.

Traveling is risky.  It doesn’t matter where you travel to this is always the case. However, some parts of the world are riskier than others. In developing nations, the chances of falling ill are increased considerably and, if it happens, you will need the very best health care the country can provide. If you don’t want to be left with a hefty bill get insured against this happening. It doesn’t take much time or money. There are no excuses.

Just like any other kind of insurance, travel cover is there for security and peace of mind.  More and more Irish people are traveling abroad, mostly on holidays. This means more travel insurance companies competing for your custom. Ideally you need to find one that offers a variety of policies at affordable, competitive rates. Guess what?   Justcover is such a company.

Try us and you won’t be disappointed!