Traditional Holiday Destinations for Irish People

Many Irish people like to visit fresh pastures but many opt for the safety and security of a traditional holiday. There are an increasing number of people multi tripping and they face the same choice as those going on a single trip.

There is much to be said for a traditional tourist destination. It offers a degree of comfort and familiarity which are great lures. Here are some traditional holiday hot spots for Irish people.

Spain. The Irish love affair with this beautiful country continues. There is so much to do and see! Whether you are looking for culture or fun in the sun, Spain will not disappoint. It is also a fantastic family destination, especially the Port Aventura theme park in Salou.

Italy. It is fair to say that Italy has it all. A jaw dropping amount of culture, history and heritage as well as beautiful lakes, mountains and beaches. The Amalfi coast and its islands are popular spots for many honeymooners. Sardinia and the Puglia region are also favourite places for the Irish.

USA. This vast country is seeing unprecedented numbers of Irish visitors. New routes from Aer Lingus to Hartford and Miami as well as extra flights to LA, Orlando and New York will ensure that this trend continues. Where to go? How about San Francisco as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the ‘summer or love’ with events and festivals throughout the year? Or maybe Boston, the heart of Irish America? Or perhaps one of the country’s plethora or natural wonders?

Greece. The Greek islands are always popular with Irish holiday makers. Zakynthos, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes and Kos are just some of the favourites. Of course, as well as the stunning beaches, the country has amazing heritage. The Parthenon and the ruins of the ancient city of Sparta are must-sees for anyone with an interest in the history of Greece and Western civilisation.

Iceland. In 2015, WOW air began flights to Reykjavik which has made Iceland the choice of many Irish holiday makers. The country has much to offer including the Northern Lights and the Blue Lagoon. Iceland is especially popular as a destination for a weekend break.

There are many other hotspots for the Irish traveller.  The truth is we are spoiled for choice. But wherever you choose to go, make sure that getting the right insurance is a priority. If you are going on a single holiday for the year or if you are planning on more than one, our single trip and multi trip travel insurance policies will provide cover and peace of mind.