Travel Hot Spots For 2017

Amongst the most popular holiday destinations for Irish people are London, Barcelona and New York. But the world has so much more to offer! Here are some places that are outside the traditional hot spots.  Perhaps the hard core traveler will take note.  But wherever you choose to go don’t forget your travel insurance!  It can all be done online, swiftly and easily.


This increasingly popular tourist destination has much to offer. The capital, Tblisi, has thriving art, music and food scenes and has become a hub of ‘cool’ in recent years.

The country is also set to become an ideal place for skiers and snowboarders as access to the untouched areas of the Caucasus mountains becomes possible through a new partnership between Rooms Hotel and Kazbegi Helicopters.

Langkawi, Malaysia

The Langkawi archipelago is about to become a hot spot, making Malaysia a rival tourist destination to Thailand and Vietnam for those wishing to visit South East Asia.

The St. Regis has opened Malaysia’s first all-suite resort here and the Ritz Carlton are about to open a 90 room, 30 villa property this summer.


This state of America offers incredible access to the outdoors. The Boise foothills have over 190 miles of trails for hiking, biking and running. The Sun Valley mountain town has America’s first destination ski resort and offers some of the best slopes in the country.

Also, access to the Salkirk range of mountains will become possible through heli – skiing trips offered by the Salkirk Powder Company.

Arhus, Denmark

The European Capital of Culture for 2017, Denmark’s second city has many gems including restaurants, museums, galleries and some of the best beaches in Denmark.

The Mols Bjerge national park is also just a short drive away. Carmel, a 1920s-inspired boutique hotel, is about to open for the summer and become one of the cities coolest tourist bases.


Now that a peace accord has ended the 52 year-old conflict with FARC guerrillas, Columbia is about to become a much more attractive destination.

For coffee lovers, it is best to plan a visit between November and March so you can enjoy the coffee harvest. The Casa Galavanta, located deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, is a popular tourist base.

Now that places such as these are opening up their treasures, traveling outside the traditional hot-spots is becoming much more enticing. People are breaking the habit of visiting the same cities and countries.  Insuring yourself is as important as ever, especially if you travel outside Europe and the U.S.  Have a look at our range of insurance policies and you will find the right one for you.  It really is a small price to pay for knowing that you are covered against the unfortunate things that can happen.